Oju Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions of Service


Oju Holdings (Pty) Ltd, a South African company registered in terms of the Company Laws of the Republic of South Africa under registration number 2013/072216/07 (“Oju”, “our,” “we” or “us”) provides the following services to you, the “OjuSticker for WhatsApp” user:

  1. Oju stickers and emoticons (Emojis) access, purchasing, use and sharing functionality within the WhatsApp service;

Please read these Terms and Conditions of Service.

OJU Ts & Cs

You agree to Oju Ts & Cs by installing, accessing or using our “OjuStickers for WhatsApp” app, services, features, software or website (“Services”).

You automatically accepted of the Oju Ts & Cs by installing our app from the app store or you will be deemed to have accepted the Oju Ts & Cs by registering for our Services or using our Services.

By accepting the Oju Ts & Cs you agree to them and you represent to us that you are lawfully able to enter into and be bound by the agreement entered into between us. If you are accepting the Oju Ts & Cs on behalf of a company or other legal person, you represent that you have the requisite authority to bind such entity to the Oju Ts & Cs

Definitions used in the Oju Ts & Cs & Privacy Policy

“Customer Services” means Oju customer services;

“Location Data” is Service Use Data that is derived from your GPS, WiFi, compass, accelerometer, IP address or public posts that contain location personal data. You will disclose certain location personal data to us:

  1. when you access “OjuStickers for WhatsApp”, we derive location personal data from your IP address, device or internet service to prevent multiple or fraudulent log-ins to your account.

“Log Data” is Service Use Data that we automatically collect when you use “OjuStickers for WhatsApp”, whether through the use of cookies, web beacons, log files, scripts or ETags including:

  1. technical personal data, such as your mobile carrier-related personal data, configuration personal data made available by your web browser or other programs you use to access “OjuStickers for WhatsApp”, your IP address and your device’s version and identification number;
  2. metadata, which means personal data related to items you have made available through “OjuStickers for WhatsApp”, such as the date, time or location.

“Non-personal Data” means any personal data that has been rendered anonymous in such a way that the individual is not or is no longer identifiable;

“Oju Ts & Cs” means these terms and conditions;

“Service Use Data” means data relating to or arising out of your use of the Services, such as Log Data and Location Data;

“Personal Information / Personal Data” means any personal information, or combination of personal information, that relates to you specifically, that can be used (directly or indirectly) to identify you.

“Services” means the services provided by Oju including but not limited to Oju’s “OjuStickers for WhatsApp”, app services, app features, app software and Oju’s website;

“Shared Personal Data” is personal information about you or relating to you that is voluntarily shared by you.

“User” means a registered and active user of our Services.

What else is required in order for you to register for our Services?

You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to use our Services. No Child is permitted to register and use our Services. In South Africa the age of contractual capacity is eighteen (18) years of age and in terms of the Children’s Act 38 of 2005 a “child” is defined as “a person under the age of 18 years.”

Any person under the age of eighteen (18) years of age MAY NOT make use of our Services.

You must provide certain devices, software and data connections to access and use our Services, none of which will be provided by Oju as part of our Services. To make use of our Services you must also consent to downloading and installing updates to our Services (which preferably should be downloaded automatically).

You agree to be responsible for all carrier data fees (charged by your service provider) and any other fees and taxes associated with your use of our Services. In instances where we charge you for our Services, we may be obliged to charge legislated taxes as well (such as VAT).

So what Personal Information and consents are you required to provide to us?

We collect no personal information about you when you use “OjuStickers for WhatsApp”.

We do collect Service Use Data when you use our Services

On installation of “OjuStickers for WhatsApp” you agree:

  • that any Personal Information provided by you when using our customer support functionality including your email address (in the event of you having emailed us or should you have provided it to us) may be used by us in the provision of our Services;
  • to us using whatever Personal Information you may provide us through our customer service facility, including copies of your messages and how we may contact you to provide customer support.

How do we use your Personal Information?

  • We do not collect your personal information through the provision of “OjuStickers for WhatsApp” besides the data that is made available to use via the app stores.

Who do we share your Service Information with?

  • We DO NOT share your Personal Information with any third parties without your express consent.
  • We DO share your Personal Information with third parties who provide support services to us (for example SMS service providers for account validation, mapping and points-of-interests services, translation services and other support services) and by agreeing to Oju Ts & Cs you consent to us doing so. We use these third-party service providers solely to process or store your Personal Information for the purposes described in Oju Ts & Cs.
  • We also share your Personal Information and Service Use Data as required by law.
  • We DO NOT share your Personal Information with third parties for the purposes of marketing and advertising products and services to you UNLESS you have specifically agreed that we may do so.

Where do we store and process your Personal Information?

  • Our servers are located in South Africa.
  • Our support, engineering and other teams that support the provision of our Services to you are located in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Strict internal control measures are undertaken to limit internal access to your Personal Information.

How long do we retain and store your Personal Information?

  • As long as you are an active user of our Services we will retain and store your Personal Information.
  • If you instruct us to delete your your Personal Information will be deleted within 15 days of the date of receipt of your account deletion request and the validation by us of your account ownership.
  • Certain Personal Data (for eg your log-in data) is retained by use for up to 180 days from the date the data is collected.

Can I access my Personal Information?

  • YES, you have full access to your Personal Information.
  • We recognise that you have personal legal rights over your Personal Information and how we can use it.
  • One of your rights is that you can access your Personal Information - you can update it, erase certain data (although we require certain base Personal Information for your account to function and for you to be able to use our Services, as detailed above), restrict us on how we can use it, objecting to its use in certain circumstances and secure a copy of it for your personal records.

What if we change the Oju Ts & Cs ? How will we notify you of changes?

We may from time to time amend this the Oju Ts & Cs

Whenever we make any changes to the Oju Ts & Cs that are important for you to know about, we will post the updated Oju Ts & Cs at this link and notify you via the relevant app stores via an update to the application or services that the changes are applicable to.

Communication with us

All communication relating to these Ts & Cs and our Privacy Policy should be directed to ojuholdings@gmail.com Your communication will receive priority attention.