OjuChat for Android

We are super excited and proud to launch OjuChat on Android. We are a small team of passionate people working to ensure we can build a chat messaging platform which proudly celebrates diversity, not by pretending it doesn’t exist, but by recognising that we are ALL different and unique.

This is the guiding principle of OjuChat …

We feel that the communication of emotions and ideas are at the core of our humanity, yet the communications platforms we use today do not cater for who we really are and how we are different, and therefore they are missing something core to our global humanity.

OjuChat is not perfect … yet, we have so much more we need and want to do (like adding Voice and an iOS version etc), but we have launched it anyway, since we think it’s really awesome. We would love your feedback on it … together let’s show the world what communication should look like.

To this end we have included a feedback section within the App, please let us know what you want to see next. We want the development of OjuChat to be driven universally diverse people it serves.

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